Mac users tend to spend more than PC users

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Apple users are already paying more for their devices, a recent report by Orbitz said, but it seems Mac owners are also willing to spend more on other things as well. The report says Mac users are willing to spend as much as 30 percent more per night for hotel rooms than those who use PCs, but these users should realize that if their devices break, they don't have to spend more for necessities like MacBook repair.

“The sort of targeting undertaken by Orbitz is likely to become more commonplace as online retailers scramble to identify new ways in which people’s browsing data can be used to boost online sales,” the Wall Street Journal commented on the report.

The report said Mac Owners are also 40 percent more likely to stay at a four- or five-star hotel compared to Windows users. Mac users also tend to stay in more expensive rooms and end up spending more. Forrester Research has found that the average household income for Mac users is about $24,000 more than PC users, Forbes reported.

While users of Apple products tend to pay more than non-Mac owners for hotels and other goods, they shouldn't have to spend a ton of money if their items breaks. MacBook repair can be obtained at a good price for these customers.

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