Mac mini reviews highlight solid improvements

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Although another mini device in Apple’s most recent wave of product releases has commanded most of the attention, the latest version of the Mac mini desktop computer offers some worthwhile updates, according to reviewers.

PCMag’s Ahmer Kazi noted the similarity in appearance between the current model and the Mac mini (Thunderbolt), from 2011, explaining that “with the exception of port selection, the most fundamental differences between the two systems lie beneath the hood.” The current version offers an updated 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, the newest install of OS X Mountain Lion and twice the hard drive capacity. Unlike the previous Mac mini, its graphics card is integrated with the processor rather than discrete. MacWorld noted this created a slight performance loss graphically.

Overall, benchmark tests performed by MacWorld showed a marked improvement for the $799 model, which is 37 percent faster than its predecessor.

“The new Mac mini continues to build on the solid foundation set by the 2011 model,” MacWorld’s James Galbraith concluded.

He highlighted the fact that the Mac mini can be configured with Apple’s new Fusion Drive, and he also praised the computer for offering an entry into the Mac experience at a lower price point.

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