Mac mini production to move to US

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Since Apple CEO Tim Cook recently revealed that Apple will be moving an existing Mac production line to the United States in an interview with NBC's Brian Williams, speculation has been circling and rumors have been spreading over which production line it is exactly that will be moved. A recent report from DigiTimes confirmed that it will be the Mac mini production line that moves to the United States.

DigiTimes cited sources from the upstream supply chain, who indicated that Apple is ready to move its Mac mini production lines back to the country with Foxconn Electronics charged with handling establishment. DigiTimes also detailed that Foxconn has roughly 15 operating bases in the country, and the company has plans in place to begin recruiting workers in 2013 for new automated production lines.

MacRumors reported that following Cook's NBC interview, much of the early speculation about Apple's move suggested it could be the Mac Pro that would be returning to the States, due mostly to its less than ideal sales volume.

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