Look Ma, the iPad’s on TV!

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While the iPad's display is pretty awesome on its own, sometimes people want to take the cool apps and gadgets they have on their device and watch it on a bigger screen. PC World said no matter how someone wants to watch TV via their iPad, hooking the devices up together is simple. Can't watch your favorite shows on the big screen because your iPad is broken? Don't flip the channel and settle for re-runs! Get iPad repair and start watching your favorite new shows.

If someone has Apple TV, they can use the Apple AirPlay technology to play video from their iPad on their TV wirelessly. For those who don't have Apple TV but still want to plug their device in and watch it on the big screen, the news source said there are other ways.

“Don't want to spend $100 on yet another Apple gadget? If you're willing to put up with another wire, you can mirror your iPad's display with a $40 HDMI adapter instead,” the news source said. “This approach isn't as elegant as the wireless AirPlay method, but it's cheaper – and easier to carry around and configure on the go if you want to mirror your iPad's display to a projector or TV to give presentations during meetings.”

TechRepublic said there's also a $29 Apple VGA Adapter, which is able to play back movies at 720p HD on compatible monitors.

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