Look in on the economy on your iPhone

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Feeling a bit anxious about the economy? Want to keep an eye on it? If you have a functional iPhone or iPad, you're in luck. A new application from the Census Bureau called “America's Economy” is out now for Apple devices, according to the Wall Street Journal. For those who have a device that is currently down (bad economy joke?), take a look at what iPhone repair through iResQ could do for you.

“We’ve already downloaded it, and can tell you it’s pretty good,” the news source said about the app. “It tracks home sales, income and spending, GDP, retail sales, business inventories, a range of top tier and second tier data. This morning’s durable goods report was up fast, not fast enough for algos, but fast enough for the casual observer. It’s not too graphics-dependent, and seems to run smoothly.”

One of the cool features of this app, according to the news source, is the charts that give users the option to set up a time frame of up to two years. This allows people to see which way things have been going during a longer time span and get a clearer picture of the economy.

Even if the economy isn't doing so great, that doesn't mean an Apple device has to stay broken. With iResQ, people can get iPhone repair to fix cracked screens, broken headphone jacks or home screen buttons that just won't work. Your device can make the comeback we all hope the economy will mirror.

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