Listen in stereo on the iPad mini speakers

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When Apple unveiled its new iPad mini, there was enough to discuss that the company didn’t mention one of the device’s breakthrough features. However, as several observers have discovered, the iPad mini has stereo speakers. It’s the first iOS device to offer this feature, according to MacRumors.

Apple made no mention of the feature during its tech event, and used the singular “speaker” in its description of the iPad mini’s specs on its website, prompting Amazon to target this features as a difference between the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad mini, MacRumors noted. Early reviewers observed the device has two built-in speakers, as opposed to the single speaker on previous iPad models.

One reader emailed Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller to ask if the device’s speakers are mono or stereo, and Schiller responded with the short statement “It is stereo.” The fourth-generation iPad does not feature the same speaker setup, however.

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