Lines for the iPhone 5 have already formed

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If you’re eager to pick up Apple’s new iPhone 5 on September 21, get ready to get in line. Not only have online pre-orders sold out, pushing shipping arrival dates into October, but the first campers are already waiting in front of some Apple stores.

People who don’t want to sleep in the street for a new phone can keep their current one in good shape with iPhone repair from iResQ, but some intrepid souls are willing to brave the elements to guarantee getting Apple’s latest model.

Fortune reported on Sunday, September 16, that the Fifth Avenue Apple store in New York already had seven customers waiting to snag the new device, while two campers in London drew attention from the BBC. So far, the people in line are all promoting something, Fortune noted.

The two London campers plan to auction their purchases off to support the charity Cancer Research UK, and the publicity surrounding their plan may draw more donations as well.

In New York, the first two people in line were there to promote their startup, a social media application called Vibe, Fortune said. The next five had all drawn sponsorships from iPhone trade-in company Gazelle for showing up, although some also hoped to promote themselves.

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