Let’s play a game of DIY or seek a cell phone repair shop (Part 2)

iPhone /

In Part 1, we presented two common scenarios where iPhone users could either do the repair themselves or seek a cell phone repair shop. Here is the final situation:

  • You notice your iPhone battery is starting to swell up. You're using your phone one hot spring day and realize that it's looking, well, a little portlier than usual. It just feels a little thicker around the middle. You turn it around and notice the problem: The area above where the battery is held is apparently starting to inflate a bit. Weird. You think for a moment that maybe it's reacting to the heat in some way, and decide to carry out an improvised and simple DIY solution by carrying it into the shade. Bad plan. As Phones Review points out, the swelling of an iPhone battery is a bad situation, and not one with a simple DIY fix. Just ask the people whose iPhone batteries have exploded in front of their eyes, according to Digital Trends. The Verdict: Call a cell phone repair shop. Immediately. As far as your phone is concerned, this is a 911 situation. 
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