Latest MacBook Air reportedly has Wi-Fi connectivity issues

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The newest versions of the ultra-sleek MacBook Air come loaded with all sorts of great features, including a card equipped to let Apple fanboys and fangirls use 802.11ac, the very latest Wi-Fi connectivity standard. However, MacBook Air users may get more than they bargained for if they try to go online via a hotspot.

Although this computer was only just recently released to public, some reports indicate that end users have experienced connectivity issues, not being able to access the internet using Wi-Fi from their MacBook Air. According to 9to5Mac, sources inside Apple indicate that the company is already aware of the potential problem and has alerted Apple geniuses and advisors to capture devices that have the problem card in them.

“According to a source at Apple, the company is working to independently identify what exactly is causing the new WiFi-related problems,” 9to5Mac reported. “According to this person, AppleCare and Apple Store Genius Bar employees have been instructed to 'capture' affected MacBook Air units. These units will then be sent back to Apple for further testing so a solution could hopefully be achieved. While Apple is asking AppleCare and Genius Bar staff to 'capture' units facing problems, that does not mean Apple is confirming the new MacBook Air is flawed. This points to Apple pushing to determine why at least some units are seeing Wi-Fi problems.”

Should you still get the MacBook Air?
Despite this issue, don't count out the latest MacBook Air. This laptop may not be the computer for you, but it does come loaded with features that are sure to excite anyone. For instance, Joanna Stern of ABC News recently reviewed the MacBook Air and lauded the device. In particular, she cited the computer's longer battery life, reduced price point, powerful processor and small size as just four of the many reasons tha the MacBook Air is, in her mind, the best laptop currently on the market.

“For the last two years, whenever a friend or family member has asked me what laptop to buy, I have recommended the MacBook Air,” Stern wrote. “It's not that there aren't great Windows ultrabooks and laptops out there, but the Air has consistently provided the best blend of performance and ergonomics in a truly mobile package. With the new version, there is just another reason to recommend the laptop.”

Still, at the end of the day, only you can decide which computer is best suited to meet your needs. Maybe the new MacBook Air, despite possible Wi-Fi issues, is just what you need, or perhaps an older iPad is better. Regardless, remember that iResQ's MacBook repair services can fix any problem – whether or not it relates to wireless Internet connectivity – and get your preferred device back in working order in no time.

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