Lack of cases heightens chance for shattered iPhone screens

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How many times has your smartphone magically slipped from your hands? Whether it meets the pavement or falls into water, these types of incidents can create additional problems for owners. Users often choose to protect their devices with reinforced cases, but there are still some that don't have anything at all to prevent a broken iPhone screen. Without this safety net, you're putting your hardware at risk and may require more investment in future repairs.

Many users have cases that are customized to their preferences and interests, solidifying the smartphone as a constant companion. According to a recent study from the NPD Group, a quarter of smartphone owners see no need for cases – of this group, 20 percent owned an iPhone and 70 percent used Android phones, Tom's Guide reported. The bulkiness of iPhone cases and the original look of the device itself were the primary deterrents for iPhone case investments. Android users, however, simply didn't think they would damage or drop their hardware, mitigating the need for a case. However, despite these beliefs, both devices are prone to damage and could use cases to prevent repair needs.

“iPhones use glass screens, which are prone to fractures, whereas Android phones tend to use more durable materials, such as Gorilla Glass,” according to the source. “A good drop may damage the screen, but won't usually total the phone's display.”

Getting the perfect case for you
Another deterrent for Android case use is the fact that there are hundreds of phones available in different styles, which makes it more difficult to find a custom case. Because iPhones are standardized, cases are targeted for the device, making it easier for users to choose their own designs. International Business Times earlier this month published a rundown of some cases that would fit iPhone users. The standard iPhone 5s case will work for that model as well as iPhone 5 handsets, and come in a variety of colors that the user can pick from. The Lifeproof FRE will be more durable and provide water, dust and drop protection to the device. With 10 different colors, this option is traditionally seen as a sturdy but stylish case.

Whether you choose a case for your smartphone or not, you may experience some issues with your device. For a cell phone repair shop that will address all of your needs, contact iResQ today.

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