How You Know Something Is Wrong with Your iPhone Camera

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So you think your iPhone camera is having problems but you can’t be sure. Here are some common ways to know if your phone has a camera issue that can’t be solved at home.

Your Screen Is Blank

If you open your camera and all you see is a blank, black screen, it’s likely this aspect of your phone isn’t working right. While it could just be that something is obstructing the lens (maybe your finger?), or it could be a software issue (usually one that can be fixed by simply switching between the front facing and rear facing cameras), it could also be a hardware problem for which you will need assistance.

Your Photos Are Blurry

Again, this could be a simple fix. If your photos keep coming out blurry, try to make sure you keep a steady hand when taking pictures. You can also tap the screen to create a yellow box that will allow your camera to focus specifically where you’re tapping. However, if this doesn’t work, there may be something wrong with your camera itself and its ability to take clear pictures.

The Flash Is On All the Time

Some people like to use the flashlight feature on their phones to find their keys or whatever else, which is the same bright, white light your phone emits when it takes a flash picture. If your flash is permanently stuck on, though, and you’ve tried turning off the flashlight feature, there’s a possibility your camera is having problems. This can also drain your battery, so if you can’t figure out how to turn the flash off, it may be time to come and see us.

The Camera App Is Gone

The camera app is meant to be installed on your home screen (unless you move it to another location). It cannot be deleted, though, like many other apps, so if you suddenly notice it is not showing up on the home screen or that it is simply gone, this could be an indication that your camera isn’t working properly.

Having iPhone Camera Problems?

Let us take a look at your device. We will provide you with a free diagnostic and, should you decide to have your device repaired with us, we will fix it and get it back to you within 24 hours. Call today to learn more.

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