How to Know You Need Camera Repair for Your Smartphone

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If you’re among those whose cameras are collecting dust on a shelf somewhere, trust that you’re definitely not alone. Today’s smartphone cameras are becoming increasingly more innovative and are even easier to use. And face it—it’s easier to only have to carry your phone and not an extra piece of equipment. Who knows when you’ll want to snap a few photos? Your smartphone keeps that convenience close at hand. Photos printed from cell phones are as clear as those printed from cameras in many cases, making them even more helpful.

Don’t think that just because the camera on your smartphone isn’t working properly that you need a new phone. It’s possible to have your phone repaired—even when the camera is the only problem. The following issues aren’t uncommon, but they’re clear indicators that it’s time to seek proficient camera repair.


Water has never been a smartphone’s friend. Even after employing common drying techniques after getting your phone wet, the camera often shows some unfortunate signs of remaining moisture. When that moisture remains behind the camera lens, photos come out fuzzy.


Unlike the face of your smartphone, which is usually covered with a screen protector, smartphone camera lenses have no protection. Scratches occur from dropping the phone, transporting it in a purse or pocket, and sometimes solely from frequent use.

Error Messages

If you’re getting one or more error messages when trying to use the camera on your smartphone, it’s time for a professional to step in. It’s likely that a repair is possible, and the error messages can be removed.

Black Screen

It’s not unusual after lots of use to turn to your smartphone camera only to find nothing but a black screen. This is yet another sign it’s time for a professional repair.

Needs Replacing

Yes, it is possible in many instances to replace the camera in your smartphone rather than replacing the entire phone. In fact, this will typically save you big bucks. Don’t trust just anyone to this repair, however, as you could wind up having bigger problems than you started with.

It’s imperative you seek reputable, professional services when you discover that you need these smartphone camera repairs. Call us and tell us what’s going on. Bring your phone to us, and our highly skilled technicians will use the proper tools to assess the problem and will then use the best quality parts—if needed—to fix the camera.

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