Kids may be a big reason for new, smaller iPad

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Those who have been wondering why Apple would create a smaller iPad may have forgotten one group that uses devices like this all the time: kids. Luckily for children and parents alike, kids can use these devices and even if there's an accident that results in a cracked screen or another problem, iPad repair from iResQ is available.

“You might not think a company as chic (at least in tech circles) as Apple would lower itself to making product decisions based on 10-year-olds, but it makes perfect sense in terms of growing its market share,” ZDNet said. “Look no further than the iPod Nano for a cheaper, smaller version of a pricey Apple product that would more likely be a child's Christmas or birthday present than its full-sized sibling.”

According to a survey by CouponCodes4u, 78 percent of 1,873 Americans surveyed said they would not buy an iPad mini but would buy an iPhone 5, and 46 percent went as far to say that the smaller iPad was pointless, but this doesn't mean a smaller device won't do well. Another 21 percent said they would consider buying the iPad Mini for their kids. 

Parents aren't the only ones who might be buying the iPad Mini for kids. Schools may also opt to equip students with the new tablet. Already, more and more schools are adopting Apple's iPad as a required school supply, so it makes sense for Apple to release a smaller tablet that is better suited for the small hands of an elementary or middle school student.

Big or small, iPad repair is available in case the popular tablet breaks down. This should help families feel at ease allowing their kids to play with a sophisticated – and expensive – device.

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