Kicking a MacBook when it’s down, and other repair stories

MacBook / General Knowledge

A bad problem turns worse

  • The problem: An Indiana woman reached out to us for a MacBook repair after her device went from only working intermittently to not working altogether.
  • What caused it: Initially, the woman's issue was that her computer's screen would only be displayed when the device was in a very particular position. If the computer's screen deviated even slightly from this one position, it would power off. But this clearly irritating problem became a lot worse when a bag containing the computer was thrown onto the ground. Now who exactly was behind this throwing isn't clear, but we'd venture a guess that the customer herself was not uninvolved. At any rate, once the MacBook was recovered from its downward spiral, the screen had stopped functioning entirely.
  • The solution: The damage to this computer is clearly more than superficial and will therefore likely require more than a MacBook screen repair. In order to ascertain the specific repairs needed, we'll disassemble the computer and identify the underlying problem. Let this be a lesson that if your device exhibits signs of malfunction, it's better to throw your hands in the air and call iResQ than the machine itself onto the ground.

Don't take your computer to bed with you

  • The problem: A Florida man sent his device into us for a MacBook repair after it experienced a rather unfortunate tumble.
  • What caused it: The man's girlfriend took the computer into bed to watch a movie. In a pleasant daze of viewing, she found herself dozing off, and was soon enveloped by the warm embrace of sleep. The computer, however, continued the task to which it had been assigned. At some point in the night – perhaps prompted by a noise from the still-playing film – the woman jolted in bed, and the laptop absorbed the full force of her blow. It was then sent on an ill-fated journey to the floor, where its screen paid the price for human negligence. The man noted that in addition to major cracks in the screen, the area that holds the screen has also been damaged.
  • The solution: We'll look the device over to determine which repairs will be necessary. Certainly a MacBook screen repair is on the agenda, as well as some likely other repairs too. What this situation illuminates is the need to keep your MacBook out of the bed if you can, since accidents like this are all too common.  
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