Keep Your Phone Out of the Heat

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phone and heatIf you’ve had an iPhone or Android phone for a while, you’ve probably already experienced the extreme heat shut down. It’s when you leave your phone in the heat and then it turns off unexpectedly to prevent damage. Just because it turns off, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t damaged it, or that you should assume that the phone takes care of itself by turning off.

What Happens When an iPhone or Android Phone is in Extreme Heat

It melts. Just like anything else you would put in extremely hot temperatures, the mobile phone will melt (in a way). For instance, it’s not going to just melt into your dash in your car. Instead, it’s the inner mechanisms that can become damaged.

The battery is one of the most susceptible parts of the phone that could end up damaged. This could either damage it immediately, or it reduces the longevity of it. Many people think that it’s the iPhone that has a short battery life, but it’s really the temperatures the battery has had to deal with that has damaged it.

Memory loss is another consequence of extreme heat. You may not notice the loss at first, but you may wonder why some of your contacts or photos may be missing. The damage could be much more significant to the point of losing almost all of your data. This can be quite devastating.

And yes, these effects could still happen even if the phone turns off while in the heat. It is a protection feature of the phone, but it’s not perfect so keep it safe.

  • Keep your phone with you because if you’re in the heat, it’s probably okay for your phone.
  • Leave your phone at home if you know you’re going to be out in the sun.
  • If you have to leave your phone in the car, cover it with something, so it is shielded from the heat.

Take care of your phone because it takes care of you. You will thank yourself when you don’t have to deal with the heat damage.

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