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Owning a tablet, such as an Apple iPad, means having something that will need to keep a charge for a long period of time if a user wants to play with it for fun or utilize it for work without a premature battery death. While some people are very good at saving juice on their tablet, others end up draining it more quickly than they would like. InformationWeek's Jeff Bertolucci wrote that while battery life is getting better due to consumer demands, the user should heed some tips to improve it on their side of things. For those who may have broken their battery or another piece of the tablet, iResQ offers iPad repair services to revive the device quickly and with ease.

One tip for keeping a battery running longer is storing it in temperate areas and out of environments that are either too hot or too cold.

“Not surprisingly, Apple advises keeping iPads out of the sun and out of hot cars, including the trunk, on sweltering days,” Bertolucci wrote. “The benefit: longer battery life and overall lifespan. Of course, it's not always possible to keep a tablet at a room temperature of 72 degrees F (22 degrees C) all the time, particularly if you bring your slate along on personal or business road trips.”

Other tips for conserving battery life include:

  • Turn down the brightness of the screen, as it  uses a large amount of battery
  • Disable push button notifications, especially for lesser used apps
  • Never overcharge the device, as this will wear the battery down over time
  • Buy an extra battery accessory to help keep the juice running longer

Disable unnecessary or unused tools
CNET's Matt Elliott also wrote a guide for saving battery life of the iPad, which featured many points relating to shutting off what is not being used. This includes not checking email or keeping apps open as often, turning off Bluetooth when it is not being used, disabling Wi-Fi and keeping an eye on the use of GPS.

“Many people claim you should force-quit out of apps, say, each night before bed,” Elliott wrote. “I'm lucky if I get all the dishes cleaned up before hitting the sack, so I certainly don't have the time or the energy to be closing iPad apps on anything approaching a regular basis. Plus, it has not been definitively proven to me that apps running in the background drain battery life to any great extent. I will, however, force-close Google Maps or any other GPS app, since these do seem to drain the iPad 2's battery.”

If users work to preserve their device batteries, the need for iPad repair could potentially be pushed off for a long time.

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