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Apple devices have been in heavy use for the past few years, but many still don't know about the importance of securing information on their devices. While iResQ can offer iPad or iPhone repair easily, users must make sure they take care of security procedures when they first purchase and start utilizing their devices. GigaOM's Geoffrey Goetz wrote that people should only install apps from the official Apple App Store to ensure there are no faults that can be easily exploited, and always be sure to review the privacy settings of iOS and OX X.

“With iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion, you can review which apps from the App Store have requested and been given access to all sorts of data on your device, including location, calendars, reminders, photos and even your contacts,” he wrote. “In iOS the setting is located under Privacy within the Settings app; on OS X it is located on the Privacy tab within the Security and Privacy settings of the Systems Preferences app. If you see an app accessing information you don't want it to, just revoke its access.”

Other tips for improving security include:

  • Do not share photo stream with everyone; be selective with which family and friends have full access
  • Find any data that may be lost on the phone and erase it so it does not easily leak off the device
  • Log onto Mac with the ID and a password before using the device
  • Encrypt iOS device backups
  • Have a firmware password on the device to completely control communications and online services being utilized

Exploits have been found
Ignorance to device security could lead to information leaks and data breaches for users, as researchers have been finding other ways these devices can be exploited that may not have previously been known. Tielei Wang of Georgia Tech's Information Security Center was able to install an app with Trojan horse-like features that were able to get by the company's security processes.

“The goal is to identify weakness in order to expose those weaknesses to companies and to  users so their devices can be more secure,” said Michaelanne Dye, a spokeswoman for Tech's College of Computing.

While there is an ongoing effort by researchers and Apple to make sure these smartphones and tablets are secure and inhibit breaches, owners must take precautions beyond iPad repair when surfing the web or using apps.

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