Keep businesses, data centers running with iPad repair

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If you're using your iPad to help run your business, the last thing you need is to break your device and rely on an iPad repair service that takes weeks to make the fix and return the tablet. With iResQ, you can put these worries to bed. The company will diagnose your device and repair it in a timely fashion, allowing you to get back to normal business operations, such as monitoring and managing your data centers.

ZDNet reports that new software from data center provider IO gives people a chance to run their own data center via their Apple tablet. Kevin Malik, CIO, said he can look at all of the company's data centers across the world and have a detailed level of the infrastructure in these centers and figure out things that may not otherwise be so easy.

“Configuration of devices, sensors, alarms, etc., is handled through the Central Data Manager which gives the user the ability to manage the complete IO.OS configuration,” ZDNet said. “Rules-based notification, role-based security, alarm thresholds, and even customer contact information is configured here.”

Don't let the need for iPad glass replacement, a broken home button or anything else slow down your operations, as Apple Certified technicians at iResQ can help you get your business tools back quickly and run seamlessly.

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