Is your iPhone 5c power button stuck? You might not be alone

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Have you ever had that moment where you feel like you're stuck in the “Twilight Zone” with your iPhone 5c? In particular, have you ever found that the iPhone 5c power button stuck and would only work if you endlessly pressed it? Many of us have had that moment where it seems as though our endless effort is all for naught and that no one understands our plight.

But, if you have ever found that your iPhone 5c power button stuck all the time and for seemingly no good reason at all, then you're in good company. Earlier this year, Apple finally admitted that a “small percentage” of smartphones have the defect, The Daily Mail reported. This is a long time coming for some, as users have complained about the issue in online forums starting in 2012.

“While Apple hasn't placed a number on the amount of handsets affected, the term for 'iPhone 5' on Google has the query 'iPhone 5 sleep button not working' as one of the top searches,” Daily Mail contributor Ellie Zolfagharifard wrote. “Forums are also filled with complaints dating back two years – before the time Apple claims the manufacturing error occurred.”

Still, for those iPhone 5c users desperate to break out of the “Twilight Zone” and get a responsive mobile device, this is welcome news from Apple all the same – or is it?

What is the best thing to do when you've found your iPhone 5c power button stuck?
For those among us who have discovered that their iPhone 5c power button stuck and are sick of applying brute force just to use their phone, it may be tempting to turn to Apple's Replacement Program for the fix. But, unless you fall under a very specific grouping of people, the odds are good that this official program is not for you.

In particular, two key variables stand out within Apple's program. Not only is it limited only to iPhone owners in select geographies, but a phone that has any amount of prior damage on it is automatically disqualified from the program. As loyal readers of our iBreak stories know all too well, it is common for a phone to become damaged for a wide variety of reasons, whether the device was dropped on concrete, had water spilled on it or was otherwise damaged. An iPhone can break for any number of reasons, and even a small issue will disqualify a device, even if the iPhone 5c power button stuck for no apparent reason.

So, if your iPhone 5c power button stuck and you are desperate for a phone that just plain works, turn to iResQ. Our iPhone 5 Repair Services are just what you need to get your beloved mobile device in tip-top shape in no time at all. Whether the problem is with the screen, battery, power button or any other component, we will get to the root of the problem and find the best possible solution. With iResQ's iPhone 5 Repair Services, a stuck power button or any other issue you might be experiencing will be a thing of the past.

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