Is your iPhone 5c Lightning connector not charging? Fix it here

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Having problems with the iPhone 5c Lightning connector not charging on your phone can be very stressful. Because you need power in order to make your phone work – and your phone is your connection to the outside world in general – this experience is highly unpleasant for most people. Luckily, there are usually two or three problems that can cause a Lighting port to malfunction, and they can be easily fixed by those who don't much experience. Looking through the following solutions and trying them out before you take your phone to a repair shop is recommended. there's no sense in paying money for something you could easily do yourself.

Debris in the port
Something that can often be the cause of an iPhone 5c Lightning connector not charging is something stuck within the Lightning port. There are two different ways of cleaning this out without damaging the port, but they do require a a degree of precision. The first is to go out and buy a can of compressed air – the kind used to clean out computers, according to the Apple forums. If you take it and spray at an angle in the port, air pressure should help to blow out any dust or other bits of dirt that might be caught within the port. If that doesn't work or you don't have the time to go out and buy a can of air, you can take a toothpick and gently rub on the inside of the port against the interior walls in order to scoop out the dirt.

Bad cable
The simplest solution to checking whether or not a given Lightning connector port is bad is to swap out the Lightning wire with another one. Sometimes the cables themselves go bad due to tears or other physical damage they sustain. If this is the case, buying another Lightning connector will solve the problem for you easily. 

Other problems
The worst-case scenario is that your lightning port itself is damaged or loose in some way. Fixing this will require taking your iPhone apart, which we do not recommend for those without the necessary tools and training. Luckily, there are alternatives to Apple's often-pricey repair service. You can work with iResQ in order to get the best possible service at  much more competitive price in order to save your phone and your wallet at the same time. Contact us  and we'll help you get the best service possible. 

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