Is there a new iPhone coming soon?

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It's that time of year again – a new iPhone may soon grace the world with its presence. Or at least that's what Joshua Brustein of Bloomberg Businessweek said. With not much time remaining in summer, Apple's next announcement may be very quickly approaching. For those with older devices who may not be interested in a new smartphone right away, iResQ offers iPhone repair services that will allow you to get extended use from older devices.

Others who want to see the new device may just have to wait until September 10, when the company is reportedly looking to showcase the next iPhone model.

“While the timing of this kind of event is supposed to be shrouded in secrecy, the new iPhone release has become an annual publicity fest with pretty predictable timing: The phones' on-sale dates tend to coincide nicely with the year-end holiday shopping rush,” Brustein said.

What may come
For this year's device, there are already many predictions about what may come. Some believe Apple will integrate a fingerprint scanner. Others wonder what exactly will happen to the home button. Many are left puzzled as to what the new device is going to be called.

One thing that is known, according to Brustein, is that this will be the first device built to run iOS 7, Apple's newest mobile operating system and what he called the company's “biggest aesthetic change in years.” How much the device costs will be the interesting part for many, as Apple has been having a rough time on the market as of late. A shift in the smartphone market may also make the new release a bit trickier for the company.

“With the market for high-end mobile devices nearly saturated, the major opportunity for growth is among people who have never owned a smartphone,” he wrote. “Instead of catering to that audience, as makers of Android phones have, Apple has been trying to sell them older iPhones at a discount – and watching its market share continue to erode.”

MSN Money said the company also needs to worry about the drop off in mobile phone sales, as there were 1.2 percent fewer mobile devices sold in 2012 than in 2011. Many are fearing a slowdown in the industry, but if there's one company that has ever shown it knows how to sell devices, it is Apple.

New innovation may be the key, as one new tweak may change everything for some users, as evidenced by the positive public response to the previously implemented Retina display. For those who may just want to keep their older device around, iPhone repair is readily available.

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