Is it time for the new iPad?

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Apple's newest incarnation of the iPad is already dividing critics. The iPad mini with Retina Display boasts powerful apps, advanced wireless and powerful processors, but does it really live up to the expectations? Forbes contributor Ewan Spence says yes, and it should be regarded as one of the best personal computers on the market.

“The iPad mini with Retina Display negates the few concerns there were with the original iPad mini,” wrote Spence. “It has power and flexibility, coupled with a comfortable form factor and impressive battery life. Backed up by the extensive collection of apps and games in the iTunes App Store, this is an almost uncompromising vision of the iPad mini concept.”

Others, like InfoWorld executive editor Galen Gruman, find the iPad mini with Retina Display underwhelming, feeling more like a provisional upgrade than a “milestone device.”

“My big complaint about the iPad Air boils down to this: By the time apps and peripherals take advantage of its better processors, Apple will have a new model with more capabilities,” he wrote. “So why not wait until then to get a new iPad? That's my strategy — my third-gen iPad is more than capable enough for my needs today, and I'm used to its heft.”

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