Is it raining? Best weather apps for the iPad

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No one can accurately predict the weather every time, but there are quite a few quality weather apps available to help people get an idea of what to expect. But these helpful apps are lost on people who have broken tablets. Rather than flip a coin to determine whether it'll rain, individuals with a malfunctioning iPad should find a credible iPad repair service to make sure they are prepared for Mother Nature.

PadGadget said the top-ranked weather app is the free WeatherEye HD, made by The Weather Network and MeteoMedia.

“WeatherEye HD is a fantastic go-to app when you need to know the current weather conditions for your location, hourly forecasts, short- and long-term projections along with other bonus features like weather-related news stories, satellite and radar maps, and interactive hourly charts with helpful information regarding pollen forecasts, air quality health indexes, bug reports and UV reports,” the news source said.

Other great apps include the free Weather Channel app, the $9.99 Seasonality Go app, which is a bit more custom than the free apps, and the $0.99 Weather Doodle app, which allows users to have some fun with art and the weather.

MacWorld said the app also has some great features, including a simple interface and weather news headlines. Getting iPad repair can help those with a broken device make the most of these great apps and benefits.

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