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Technology has come a long way over the years. We went from just having one computer in our home, to a couple of them in an entire school. Now, we have multiple computers, tablets, and smartphones at home, and students are starting to receive tablets and laptops just as they receive books. It’s a new technologically advanced world, and we’re excited to be part of it.

One of the problems we’ve heard from school districts over the last couple of years is the cost of using devices in classrooms. It’s not the price of each device, but the repairs that come along with them. Accidents happen, and there’s no way to avoid them, and that has led to some schools being stuck with piles of devices that are broken.

Schools thought insurance policies on the devices would solve the repair cost problems, but unfortunately, that didn’t solve anything. For some districts, it drained budgets even more. Insurance carries a monthly charge, and then when a device needs repair, there’s a deductible to pay. Many times, the deductible is more than what the actual repair would cost if done outside of insurance.

Due to these reasons, many schools are deciding to forgo insurance and seek 3rd party technology repair services such as the ones we provide.

iResQ has been helping schools all over the country with their repair needs. When iPads, MacBooks, tablets, and laptops break, they know they can package them up, send them to iResQ, and receive a fast turnaround and a low price. We provide bulk discounts on repairs because of our genuine care for the educational needs of our youth.

You can learn more about our K-12 Technology Repair Services on our page here.

We also have a video about how you can start using our services.

We invite you to contact us now at 888-447-3728 for more information on how your school district can start using our affordable technology repair services.

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