iResQ Story: Cat Urinates on MacBook

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Many of the stories we receive with repairs make us laugh, and then some make us wince.

This story that we just had come in makes us hold our nose and run.

“My cat urinated in a bag that my MacBook Pro was in. The urine has completely saturated through the keyboard and is coming out of the side vents.”

So, this isn’t exactly water damage. It’s urine damage. Yikes.

Our techs really work hard on every repair that comes into us, and they did the same with this one – even though cat pee isn’t exactly the best smell.

MacBook Urine Damage Repair

The biggest problem with the urine was that it’s a liquid, which is basically the same as water damage. Luckily, the urine didn’t do much damage. We replaced the power connection and it was as good as new.

We would like to point out that we were not able to get rid of the urine smell. The MacBook works, but the urine smell must be dealt with by the customer.

It may subside over time or the customer could try cleaning it with some urine be gone sprays they have in pet stores. Of course,  the customer has to be careful using that as it can also lead to water damage if used excessively.

Submitting Your iBreak Story

If you have a good story on how your device was damaged, please send it to us. We would love to share your story with our followers on social media and here on our blog.

As much as we hate when our devices become damaged, sometimes, it’s good to laugh at how they got that way. Life happens and sometimes, our devices take the fall of it.

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