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I just wanted to drop a line real quick to mention some happenings here at iResQ.  It’s the end of the month and we are proud to say that this has been a great month all around for us.  iPad repairs and iPhone repairs dominated the tech room throughout the month.  I just want to congratulate all of our techs for putting their time in and learning the ins and outs of the 3rd generation iPad in record time.  Each of our techs went above and beyond by taking on such a massive amount of new iPad repairs.  We were all surprised at the amount of new iPads that came in for repair as early as the day after its release.  And guess what…there is a steady stream of them still coming in as we speak.

Meanwhile, in our iPhone repair labs our iPhone techs have been busy beavers themselves.  Now that the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have been around a while, we are seeing a lot of them show their age as batteries on these devices are now beginning to show signs of wear.  iPhone 4 battery replacements as well as iPhone 4S battery replacements have been a really popular repair this month while iPhone 4 screen replacements and iPhone 4S screen replacements continue to be our most popular iPhone repair with glass backplate repair for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S coming in a close second.

MacBook and MacBook Pro repairs have always been a staple for us and we have a killer deal coming to you later from our MacBook Pro repair department so hang tight.

Last, but certainly not least I want to touch on iPod repairs. It shouldn’t be a surprise, but we see more iPod Touchs come in for repair than any other model of the iPod.  In particular, we are seeing more 4th Gen iPod Touchs coming in.  It’s been like this for quite a while now but March has proven this more than ever. iPod Touch screen repairs are definitely the most common repair we see.  Our iPod Department Manager, Bryan Moeller shows you why in this video:

Talk to you next week!


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