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iPad Air screen repair

The iPad Air has been out for a few months now. It’s not a huge surprise there have been people contacting us about screen repair for the iPad Air. Apple doesn’t cover user damage as part of their limited warranty, and no one wants to pay the high price of having their iPad Air screen replaced by them.

This is why iResQ has taken the initiative in offering iPad Air screen repair!

You can now use your trusted 3rd party repair shop to replace your cracked or shattered screen with a brand new one. Imagine looking at a nice clean, unbroken screen again – just like it was when you first bought it.

You spent a ton of money on your iPad Air, and we know you wanted to cry when you dropped it. We can make all of that pain go away. All you have to do is learn how our iPad Air screen repair services work.

Simply add the repair service to your cart. Go to your cart, choose the shipping method that is most convenient to you, and then send it in. We will take care of the rest. Yes, it really is that easy.

When we receive it, we will let you know because we don’t want you wondering if it reached our shop. Our certified technicians will then get right to work on the screen. We ONLY use OEM parts. Why? We don’t believe in giving you low quality service with low quality parts. Low quality screen break easier, which means you might end up having to deal with a cracked or shattered screen again very quickly with the slightest bump.

Once your new iPad Air screen is on your device, we will wrap it very securely. We don’t want anything to happen to it on its way back to you, of course. Then, we’ll send it right back to you.

How long does this take? It depends, but our certified technicians do repair iPad Air screens within 24 hours of receiving them, as long as it’s between Monday and Friday.

Trust in iResQ – A business that’s been serving customers since 1994! We will take very good care of your iPad Air or any device we service.

iPad Air screen repairWe look forward to repairing your iPad Air.

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