iResQ LCD Repair! Now with more shipping options!

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Hello compadres. What a glorious Tuesday morning it is here at the Q. Except that it’s bloody freezing outside. Ok, ok. It’s not that cold. But I woke up to fifty-two unforgiving degrees in my bedroom, and that’s a big drop from the mid-seventies of last week. And now I’m officially done complaining. Until we have another classic Kansas City October ice storm.

On to more important matters. Have MacBook? With a broken screen? Want to get it fixed, but a little short on cash? Now iResQ has you covered, regardless of your repair budget! Check out our MacBook Screen Repair page for the whole range of new shipping options. Whether you want to take your time, ship it to us and have it returned via FedEx Ground, or use the 3-way overnight full-service we’ve offered for years, it’s up to you. Just order from the web, or call our friendly and knowledgeable sales department to get started.

Well, I think that’s all for today. Oh wait- also, our beloved Chiefs couldn’t put the ball in the endzone in five downs from the five yard line on Sunday. Huzzah. Viva la Bill Cowher. So I almost made it out without complaining again. Maybe next time.

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