iPod Touch Headphone Jack Repairs

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There is a lot to talk about this week. I haven’t been able to blog in a while because things have been crazy busy here at iResQ. First off, we have been seeing an odd amount of iPod Touch Gen 3 headphone jack repairs come in.  In the past couple days, there have been more of these repairs come in at once than I can remember.  A while back when the Touch Gen 3 was released, we saw something similar with the original iPod Touch. They were beginning to show problems with the headphone jack for many people.  Perhaps this is a pattern. A couple of years and your brand new iPod Touch’s headphone jack might go bad.  Maybe the lifespan on these particular parts only last a couple years worth of wear and tear. No matter, iResQ will be able to replace your faulty headphone jack and save you the cost of purchasing a new iPod Touch.

Moving on, the iPhone 4S is still in our hearts and in our tech room.  What can we say?  Everyone loves their brand new iPhone 4S; enough so that they forget that they have their iPhone in their laps when they get out of their car, then POP! Either the screen or the backplate is cracked.  We hear this story a lot.  Fortunately, we have repair services for just about everything that can go wrong with the iPhone 4S.

Well, it was a busy week and it will be a busy weekend.  Baseball season has started and the Masters are going in to full swing. Have a wonderful and happy weekend.

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