Mailing In a Device for Repair Rather Than Using a Local Repair Shop

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Many people find iResQ online, and they decide not to use our services. Why? No, it’s not because we don’t have high quality services, but because they have to mail their device in to us.

As much as we understand why people don’t feel comfortable doing this, we really wish that people would consider it further and give it a try.

Our services are high quality. We only use the best parts possible for your device. Our technicians are certified after going through rigorous training and have experience on all the products we offer. We make them practice on testing devices before they put their hands on our customers’ devices.

What About the Wait?
Many people don’t want to send their devices in for repair because they don’t want to wait for the time it takes to mail it to our location and then sending it back. Did you know that most places take longer to repair devices than we do? So even if you drop it off, you will end up waiting.

Many of our customers will choose overnight or one day shipping because they know that we will receive their device the very next day and then we will send it back to them that day, which means they get it the next one. That means they are only without their device for one entire day. Not so bad when you think about it, right?

The cost of that one day shipping is what many people worry about when we present this solution to them. Usually, we recommend a slower shipping method when they have device they don’t necessarily need to use every day. For instance, an iPad that isn’t used for business purposes, or an iPod that is used for leisure. It’s still hard to be without your devices, but getting it repaired by a quality iPad or iPod repair shop and not paying a lot for it is worth the wait.

Take a minute or two to consider using our services. Our testimonials from customers all over the Internet backs up everything we share with you. Mailing in your device doesn’t have to be such a big deal – just give it a try to see.

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