iPod Nano Water Damage: Don’t Wash Your iPod Nano

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6G_IPod_Nano.svg Some of the stories we receive about devices are interesting enough to share with you. We believed this story was a good lesson for anyone that slides an iPod Nano into a pocket.

The silver Nano came into us with a report that said that the On/Off switch wouldn’t work and the screen wouldn’t light up.

The customer explained that he had washed the Nano in the washing machine. It was unintentional, of course.

When he discovered what happened to his precious music machine, he removed it from the washer and placed it in the freezer for 48 hours. He heard that this was a good way to save a water damage iPod Nano, but it didn’t work quite as he hoped.

It was fine the day he took it out of the freezer, but after a week, the Nano started to act up. The screen wouldn’t light up, so he couldn’t see a thing he was doing. Everything else worked fine. He could hear his music and he could sync it to iTunes.

Over time though, the sound stopped, and even with a Restore it wouldn’t come back. It had died…

When we received it, we found out that that there was water damage in the headphone jack, which likely caused the sound to not work, and there was iPod Nano water damage under the screen and logic board. There was also corrosion on the logic board.

This is a good lesson to everyone. NEVER wash your iPod Nano!

Image by: Eduardo López, Wikimedia Commons [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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