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The iPod is the go-to music playing device for most people. It follows us on the subway, as we take runs, and as we just pad about the house. The constant potential usability of the iPod is one of the key reasons behind its popularity, but it also explains why the device stands at particularly high risk for repairs such as an iPod screen repair. When it comes to our customers, this is certainly the case, since we notice an influx of repair requests surrounding iPods. We thought we'd assemble a few specific iPod repair scenarios in the hope that a similar situation won't befall you and your device.

The perils of working out with music

  • The situation: A Santa Monica, California, woman had a rather unfortunate tendency of having her iPod against her body when she worked out. Unfortunately, the combination of human sweat and an iPod screen is decidedly not a good one, and the woman found that after enough sweat exposure, her device stopped functioning properly.
  • What caused it: It's clear that the malfunctioning is a direct result of the adverse effects of moisture on the device. Fortunately, the woman was able to mitigate severe damages to her iPod by submerging it in uncooked rice, a method that extracted a fair amount of the moisture and partially restored device functionality.
  • The solution: Since the woman's DIY method didn't succeed in solving the problem fully, we'll do some diagnostics in our shop before carrying out a repair and returning it to her. She'll then be able to continue running with it – though we hope this experience leads her to buy a water-resistant workout case.

Age hits everything – including Apple products

  • The situation: A Texas man sent his iPod in to us after noticing a gradual decline in its battery life. Whereas he'd once been able to listen to music for hours on end, now it only lasted one or two.
  • What caused it: This issue arises from the natural degradation of the device's battery over time. Simply put, Apple products age just like we do, getting slower with the years. But the wonderful thing you can do with iPods that you can't (yet) do with humans is simply swap out the battery, which is …
  • The solution: … exactly what we will do.

To all of our customers, we wish happy continued music listening!  

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