iResQ in the New York Times for iPod Classic Battery Replacement Option

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There was a question in the New York Times (NYT) about how someone can keep their iPod Classic alive even though the battery is dying. The iPod Classic owner knows that her device is discontinued. The person wanted to know what she could do to ensure the battery lasts as long as possible because she loves her Classic so much.

The responder informed the person that the battery has up to 80 percent of 400 complete charge cycles. A charge cycle is the use of a battery until it’s dead. This includes using the half of the battery life, charging it and then using another half. The responder points out that heavy users will get wear out the battery faster, while less frequent ones will get much more life out of it. Makes sense, right?

Well, what happens when the battery does die? Apple has an iPod battery replacement service, but they only cater to California residents for the Classic model. That doesn’t help anyone living in any other state. That’s when the responder mentioned us!

Our iPod Classic Battery Replacement Service

It’s true. We do offer an iPod Classic battery replacement. Our customers turn to us because they have used their iPod Classic so much that their battery has lost its charging capacity. It dies quickly and that makes people sad. They don’t want to buy a new iPod. They want to keep the one they have used for years because they love it.

We are glad that we are able to keep the iPod Classic alive for our customers. To see our mention, read the article here. For information on how you can get a battery replacement for your iPod Classic (or another repair service), click here.

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