iPhone Water Damage Story: Flushed Down the Toilet

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Image courtesy of Flickr/Photo Credit: dirtyboxface
Image courtesy of Flickr/Photo Credit: dirtyboxface

We’ve heard some pretty horrific stories concerning iPhone water damage, but one not as bad as this one.

A man is vacationing in Canada, taking pictures of all the wonderful sites. He’s just about done with his trip, and he accidentally drops his iPhone 4S in the toilet. Not only that, he flushed it. There goes the iPhone 4S down the toilet.

The man had the toilet removed, so he could retrieve it. He immediately used the rice trick to see if he could save it. He placed the iPhone in a bag with rice. He kept the bag warm, and removed it after a few days. The phone still didn’t turn on, so the man sent it to iResQ for a diagnostic service.

How We Serviced the Water Damaged iPhone

When we received the iPhone, our certified technicians took it apart immediately. We noticed the liquid sensors were tripped. Corrosion had formed around the display assembly, rear facing camera, headphone jack, power button assemblies and logic board connectors. There were burn marks on the front assembly, which happened when the customer tried to turn the phone on.

The customer mentioned he didn’t care so much about getting the iPhone to work, but more about getting the photos off the phone.

Our technician removed all of the corrosion from the device and cleaned it using advanced techniques. The technicians also performed an iPhone battery replacement and iPhone LCD and digitizer replacement.

When the iPhone was turned back on, it worked perfectly. There was one problem though, Wi-Fi wouldn’t turn on. Even when the technicians went into settings, the Wi-Fi wouldn’t turn on. Since the customer only really wanted to get his photos off the phone, this wouldn’t hamper his ability to do that.

The owner of iResQ called the customer to give him the news about his phone. The customers was happy and relieved. He was really counting on being able to save his 300 photos.

Water damage can be lethal to an iPhone, but in this case, it was only the Wi-Fi that couldn’t be resuscitated. We want to satisfy all of our customers. We are happy we were able to give this customer his greatest wish of recovering his photos.

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