iPhone Volume Button Not Working Troubleshooting Tips

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Have you placed a call on your iPhone to discover that you can’t hear the person on the other end? Tried to listen to your music and heard nothing? Is the sound muffled or distorted? While it’s possible that you’ve suddenly gone deaf, it’s much more likely that the volume control button is not working. When you find that you’re unable to control the volume on your iPhone, it may not be easy to zero in on the problem. This is especially annoying when the level is stuck on “mute” and you can’t hear a thing. Before you start looking for a repair shop, here are a few tricks to try.

Check your settings

Before doing anything else, take a look at your settings. Have you accidentally turned the volume all the way down? Make sure the volume is set to a level that you can hear. A quick check of your settings may solve the problem quickly.

Check the headphone jack and dock connector

Make sure there’s nothing plugged into the iPhone that could mute the sound coming from the speaker.

Remove from case

If your iPhone is in a protective case, take it out. The case may be blocking the speaker port.


If all the settings seem OK, try the next quick fix of holding the sleep and home button simultaneously for about 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo. This may fix your problems without losing any data.

Clean the headphone jack

Check the connection port and headphone jack for dirt or lint. Clean those with a swab dipped in alcohol, a toothbrush or canned air and see if this helps. This is one of the easiest “quick fixes” for problems with the iPhone volume button.

Try Assistive Touch

Go back to settings and hit General>Accessibility>Assistive Touch. Turn on Assistive Touch and notice when a small box appears on your home screen. You can now control the using the touch screen. This isn’t a permanent solution but it will allow you to control the volume.

iPhone Volume Button Not Working Still?

If none of these iPhone volume button not working troubleshooting tricks work for your iPhone, you’re going to have to look for professional help. If your iPhone is a newer model that is still under warranty, contact Apple or drop by your local authorized Apple repair shop.

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