iPhone Repair Store Won’t Send Customer’s Phone Back

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The Guardian recently posted an article about a problem someone in the UK has experienced with a iPhone repair store. While we know the person is in the UK, this problem happens in the US too. We want to shed light on it because it’s a serious issue that you need to be aware of.

I sent my iPhone for repair. But the store won’t give it back.

The story is that someone sent in their damaged iPhone to a repair company they found online. What the person received in return was an iPhone 4 – someone else’s phone. When the customer called and demanded the right phone, the repair place says that they won’t until she returns the one they sent.

After some consultation with legal professionals, the customer decided not to send the iPhone 4 back until the store sends her phone back. The customer was able to get her money back for the repair from PayPal, but she continues to fight to try to get her phone back.

Our Reaction To This Story

This story is heartbreaking to us because it gives iPhone repair shops, especially those that do a lot of business online, a bad name. We want to let you know that we think this is absolutely intolerable. If you look at our reviews online, you know that we have never and would never do something like what happened to this customer. We treat our customers with service they deserve – nothing but the best of our customers. We only use high quality parts, we communicate when we receive devices, when they are done with the repair, and when they are being sent back. We also turn repairs around in 24 hours. We do this because you want to have your device back as soon as possible.

Before trusting some of these fly by night iPhone repair places, put your trust in iResQ if you’re in the US. Find all of our services on our main page at http://www.iresq.com.

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