iPhone Repair for Businesses

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iPhones are one of the business world’s most used cell phone. It has all of the functionality that business people need when out and about helping customers.

iPhone Repair for Businesses: Insure It or Just Repair It?

Since these phones are used daily for many hours, the chances of them malfunctioning or being damaged are high. While they are durable devices, they are not immune to drops and faulty parts.

Many business owners face uncertainty when they provide iPhones to their employees. There are insurance companies that will insure the phones for a monthly premium. These insurance policies for the phones also come with a deductible if they needed to be repaired. Since business owners pay per month and then a deductible, many of them wonder if it’s even worth it.

At iResQ, we’ve worked with many businesses when their iPhones malfunction or are damaged. Most of them are not insured because the business owners have realized that the cost of repairing the devices are much less than paying for insurance.

For example, if a business pays $50 a month to insure one iPhone 6 and if that phone screen shatters, they have to pay a $150 deductible. Let’s say the screen shatters after 6 months of use. That means that the business paid $300 plus $150 to get the screen replaced. We charge $179 for an iPhone 6 screen replacement. Look at that savings!

It’s not difficult to see that it makes sense to stop paying for insurance and just pay for the repair of your iPhones. You’ll save a lot of money, which means you’ll be able to use the savings to grow your business.

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