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Struggling to get that perfect shot with an iPhone camera? Can't stand still long enough to prevent a blurry shot? These are problems that virtually every iPhone owner has when trying to take photos with their camera. However, there are ways to improve picture taking with the device. Jonny Evans discussed a couple of tricks in a recent blog post on Computerworld.

One way to take a better photo with an iPhone is something that often goes overlooked on devices using iOS 7. IPhone users that have updated to the new operating system can tap on an object in the frame and the camera will focus on it. Doing this will allow the picture taker to actually produce a sharp image on the thing they want to take the photo of. Additionally, there is an auto exposure and focus feature that can be used to improve the lighting and sharpness of a picture.

For those who struggle to keep the iPhone stable while taking a photo, they should hold the device with two hands and snapping a picture with the volume controls, much like a normal camera. This can reduce the shakiness when trying to hit the button in the camera app.

There is even better news for photo takers who have the iPhone 5S. The camera for this device is able to take up to 10 photos per second thanks to its Burst Mode feature. MacWorld contributor Ashleigh Allsopp walked readers through how to use it.

All it takes is holding the middle button in the camera app down for as long as the user wants to. A counter will display how many shots have been taken. IPhone users can then select the best photo from the bunch and delete any they don't want.

If an owner experiences a problem with an iPhone camera, he or she should send the device to iResQ, where technicians handle all types of iPhone repair services.

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