iPhone owner gets creative to recover lost device

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Many people have had an experience with a lost or stolen Apple device, and in more cases than not, these devices aren’t ever recovered. The Blaze recently reported the story of one crafty owner who took creative measures to recover his stolen iPhone.

The source told the story of 27-year-old musician Nadav Nirenberg, who had given almost given up hope of retrieving his iPhone that he had left in the back of a cab on New Year’s Eve. However, his iPhone thief had made one major error: logging into Nirenberg’s OKCupid online dating account and beginning to use it to meet women.

Nirenberg hatched a brilliant plan, deciding to create a barely believable, fake OKCupid account and began interacting with the man who had his phone under the guise of a 24-year-old woman named Jennifer Gonzalez. Nirenberg managed to convince the guy to show up to his apartment for a date. The iPhone thief was not pleasantly surprised to be met by Nirenberg holding a hammer instead of Jennifer. In an interesting twist, Nirenberg gave the man $20 for the return of his phone and they parted ways.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be reunited with their lost or stolen iPhone, and many who do retrieve their devices are met with unfortunate damage. If your iPhone is damaged in the time it spends away from your side, iResQ’s iPhone repair services can get things back to working order again in no time.

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