iPhone keyboard has sights set on BlackBerry users

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Longtime BlackBerry fans and iPhone holdouts may have met their match. Starting in January, the Typo Keyboard Case will be available from Typo Keyboards. The hardshell case is already generating a lot of buzz from the technology world, where the on-screen keyboard (and it's autocorrection failures) featured on iOS has caused much respite. Using a Bluetooth connection, the backlit keyboard allows a physical typing option for those desiring it in an iPhone setting.

Not only are the specs of the case drawing the market's attention, but so is one of the start-up's founders. According to CNN, Typo Keyboards is co-created and funded in part by show business personality Ryan Seacrest, whose first major gig was hosting American Idol. According to the company's website, Seacrest and co-founder Laurence Hallier were having dinner one night and realized that they had four smartphones between the two of them. The pair and many of their friends had two devices – one for typing and an iPhone for “virtually everything else.” They realized that their problems would be solved by finding a keyboard. When they could not locate one that performed to their expectations, they decided to build their own. 

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