iPhone, iPad rumors for 2014 include bigger screens

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Apple is going big in 2014.

According to Forbes contributor Anthony Kosner, rumors are circulating about the iPhone 6 and what he refers to as the “iPad Max.” The release of these devices in May and October, respectively, will see Apple focusing on bigger screens. As predictions continue, analysts seem to believe that this is the result of technological evolution. As smartphones and tablets become the devices of choice, they are expected to do more while simultaneously phasing out other devices. Kosner said that these bigger screens are indicative that iPhones could become to iPads what iPads are becoming to laptops.

The “5-inch” iPhone 6
​Kosner said that, in relation to the iPhone, this possible move to a bigger display could be the result of a burgeoning “phablet” market. As tablets continue to gain popularity, larger screens on smartphones become more appealing to customers who only want to carry one device. According to the Daily Mail, a 4.7-inch screen could be in the iPhone's future because of this. Reports of how big the display will actually be, however, do vary – AppleInsider reports that the screen could be anywhere between 4.5 and 5 inches.

The “iPad Max” or “iPad Pro”
Smartphones are expected to perform like tablets, and if these rumors are true, then their screens will undoubtedly become bigger. But something similar can be said about the decision to enlarge the iPad. According to AppleInsider, the argument for expanding the tablet could be legitimized by its increasing replacement of laptops. More people are using iPads in the way that they used to use – for example – MacBooks. Kosner said that the “iPad Max” – also dubbed the “iPad Pro” by the Daily Mail – could become “a defacto laptop with the addition of new cases with integrated keyboards and batteries” and could likely become a fixture in the classroom. This further proves the idea that tablets are outpacing laptops, and the latter's last days might be appearing on the horizon. 

Regardless of the long-term direction of the future, the new iPad will theoretically be 12.9 inches, according to Kosner. AppleInsider, however, reports that while that resolution is likely to be chosen by Apple, a display of 13.3 inches could also be considered. 

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