Five Dangers of Using an iPhone with Cracked Screen

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You dropped it, closed your eyes, cussed under your breath, and picked it up. You opened your eyes, and you see what you never wanted to see – your beautiful iPhone with a cracked screen.

An iPhone cracked screen isn’t the end of the world, even if it feels that way. After the initial shock of it, you may even consider keeping it that way because you don’t want to pay for a screen replacement or you don’t have any idea where to get one.

It’s not wise to do that though. A cracked screen on an iPhone isn’t something you should ignore. There are dangers with it and some are even serious.

iphone cracked screen

#1: A Cracked Screen Can Lead to a Shattered Screen

Once your iPhone has a cracked screen, it is compromised. This means that it doesn’t take much for the rest of the screen to shatter into hundreds of pieces. You could simply put it down on the counter, and all of sudden see the whole screen break into tiny shards of glass.

#2: Glass Can Cut You

If you don’t know this already, glass can cut you. The screen on your iPhone is glass. If you have a cracked screen, there are tiny pieces of glass sticking out. When you put your hand, ear, or face on it, there is a possibility that the glass could embed into your skin or cut you. May not sound like a big deal now, but just think about how much it would hurt if you had tiny glass particles in your skin. Take it one step further and think about what if that caused an infection and you had to seek medical attention for it. As you can imagine, that would be a big deal.

#3: You Could Harm iPhone Capabilities

The screen on your iPhone protects the digitizer, which is what transmits information when you touch something on the screen. When you have a cracked screen, a part of the digitizer is exposed. This leaves it to be susceptible to dust, dirt, water, and many other iPhone no-nos. It is possible that over time, the digitizer could stop working, which means you would have a bigger iPhone repair on your hands.

#4: Shows Irresponsibility

When you’re a professional, people want to trust you. If they see your cracked screen, they may think you are careless. You don’t want important people thinking you can’t hold onto your most precious items, or they may not allow you to care for their most precious items. This could hurt your image, reputation, and business.

#5: It Distracts You from What’s Important

When you pick up your iPhone, you don’t want to see a cracked screen. You want to see what you want to look at. Whether that is email, Facebook posts, Tweets, or your current favorite game, you want to be able to see it in all its beauty. Every time you have to see the cracks, you are reminded of that ugly incident that made your heart collapse.

Get an iPhone Cracked Screen Repair

There’s no need to go through life with an iPhone cracked screen. You can use our certified technicians for an iPhone screen replacement. We’ve done so many of these that we are proud of our expertise in this area. We know that we are giving people the beautiful, new screens they had when they first bought their iPhone, so they can forget all about that horrible day when their iPhone suffered a crack.


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