IPhone charger saves woman’s life

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Many people find it annoying to need  to carry along an iPhone cord to charge their devices whenever their batteries are close to dying. However, one Texas man might not feel the same way. Ruben Carpentier was able to save a woman's life using his iPhone charger during a crash earlier in November, CBS affiliate KZTV reported.

According to the source, Carpentier pulled up on the crash scene and found the vehicle's driver, Rosie Cortex, had her arm ripped off as the car skidded on the driver's side. Her children approached Carpentier, asking for help.

“They were pulling on me, grabbing me saying save my mama, and I was just trying to calm them down and deal with her,” Carpentier stated.

Quickly, the man grabbed his iPhone charger and used it as a tourniquet to stop the arm from bleeding. Minutes later, a halo flight rushed Cortez to a nearby hospital, where she received medical attention.

Although Carpentier probably won't be able to use his iPhone charger again, there are plenty of charger options for his device. New technology is now allowing Apple owners to extend their battery life through wireless charging. A new offering from iQi Mobile allows iPhone users to do just that, HNGN reported. 

The device is a thin charger that sits in any iPhone protective case. It attaches to the lightening port of the phone. Once setup, a user can place their iPhone on the specialized dock that hooks up to the iPhone's actual charger, which allows the device to wirelessly receive power. No longer do owners have to worry about tripping over cords or pulling their device off of a charger. All they have to do is pick it up off the dock.

Should an iPhone owner experience any issues with his or her device, such as the iPhone not charging, he or she can send it to iResQ, which handles all types of iPhone repair services.

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