iPhone cases double as self-defense tools

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The traditional purpose of phone cases has been protection. Many iPhone users need shells and rubber sleeves that prevent scratching, cracking and – worst of all – breaking. 

An iPhone is definitely something that should be kept safe, but what about protection for the device's owner? There may not be an app for that, but there is definitely a case. Some manufacturers have found ways to expand on the theme of safety, developing iPhone cases that can double as self-defense tools. These items can not only prevent a device from wear and tear, but they can also protect the phone's user from being attacked.

Yellow Jacket stun gun case
Extra battery power is always a good thing for iPhone users. One company recognized that, and found a way not only to give the device some extra juice but to put it to good use. According to Business Insider contributor Jillian D'Onfro, the Yellow Jacket case, developed by a company of the same name, is a taser secured safely inside of a hard protective shell. The case packs a 650,000-volt charge, which is enough to “drop” a grown man after five seconds. It is also aided by the extra batteries that can reserve some power for stun gun use when the device is otherwise “dead” and even expand the iPhone's lifespan up to twice as long. Given its menacing presence and powerful voltage, it can probably do something for the lifespan of its owner, as well.

Spraytect pepper spray case
Tasers are not the only self defense staple to be adapted for the iPhone. The Spraytect company has developed a hardshell case with a detachable pepper spray canister. According to LAPTOP Magazine contributor Michael Andronico, the cartridge is secured by a three-step firing system that can be easily deployed in the event of an emergency. The positioning of the pepper spray also puts the camera in the face of the would-be attacker. While it is probably not advisable to worry about snapping pictures as much as it is to escape danger, the right timing could yield photographic evidence that can be turned into the authorities and reduce the chances of someone else being harmed.

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