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It has recently come to my attention that my Blogs rarely have anything to do with Apple Products or Repair. I have taken the false allegations to heart and will now provide you with a blog that stays on track and may appeal to more than 10 people. I digress…As a proud iPhone owner and operator, I love the application function. The cheesy commercials are correct – there really is an App for everything. There are a few Apps that I religiously use and I would not be able to function on a daily basis without them. Disclaimer: I am somewhat of a cheap man…so the following Apps are all FREE and available through iTunes.My favorite App (one of the best in my opinion) is the Weather Channel Weather App. I honestly feel that this is the best weather application available for use with the iPhone. What I love about it: Simple to use, simple layout, automatically finds your current location, and it is actually accurate. I am somewhat of an impulsive weather-checker, and this App is perfect for me.Another App I use quite often is the Google Search App. It is a pretty simple search application. What I love about it: It is easy to use, simple layout that isn’t overwhelming, and it operates pretty quickly. It also has a pretty cool feature that allows you to say what you want to search. The speech recognition is fairly accurate as well. This is just a great easy-to-use application.I am a huge Craig’s List fan and it is just not good enough to be able to check Craig’s only on my computer at home. I must be able to Craigslist on the Go! CraigSearch is by far the best Craig’s List application/search tool that you can use with the iPhone. What I like about it: Once again it is incredibly easy to use, doesn’t bog down on the 3G network, and the layout is really simple. I honestly use this application all the time when I am cruising Craig’s for sweet dealsWell, that just about does it. Those are my most used Apps available only for the iPhone. I hope I have made some suggestions on some quality Applications! Please remember that if you have any trouble with your Apple Products, iResQ and the Man of the Hour will be available all summer offering quality repairs! We all know it is impossible to live without our iPhones!-the Man of the Hou

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