iResQ Fixes a Faulty iPhone Repair

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We caution our consumers to stay away from people who say they have fixed iPhones before, so they can fix yours. We warn people not to try to repair their devices themselves by watching a video and purchasing parts online. There are reasons we tell our consumers this, and here’s one.

We received a PA iPhone repair order recently. The customers stated that he could not restore his iPhone. It continued to give him a 1611 error message after showing the Apple logo.

He said that this happened ever since he had an iPhone repair place replace his power button and cracked screen. He admitted that they were not good, but he took a chance anyway, and then his phone came back worse than before it was “repaired.”

Our customer gave us some of his thoughts about why the iPhone wouldn’t restore. He mentioned that it could be the sensor or the front camera. He thought it might have been a connection problem too.

How Our Skilled, Certified Technicians Saved This iPhone

When the certified technicians at iResQ received the phone, they were surprised by its large 64GB capacity. They knew that it must be pretty important with that size.

The first thing that the techs found was that the repair place that “fixed” the phone before may have damaged the logic board (YIKES!). It was also noticed that some of the screws were missing, and some were even stripped out.iPhone dock connector

To confirm the customer’s report, we tried to restore the device, but as he said, it wouldn’t. All it did was freeze on the iTunes connect screen.

We decided to perform a:

  • iPhone battery replacement
  • iPhone logic board replacement
  • iPhone dock connector repair

We also put in the missing screens and replaced the sensor clip.

Unfortunately, that didn’t help. We were stumped. That was until we turned to one of our more experienced, senior techs. He actually commented on how rare this case was, but he had seen it before.

Can you believe the metal frame was bent, and it was touching the logic board? That very small connection was shorting out the board, which was causing the problem.

As soon as the tech replaced the iPhone frame, the phone was back to normal. It could be restored by our techs and it was ready to be synced.

We Are Committed to Our Customers

This was no easy fix, but it was one that shows that we are committed to repairing customers’ devices. We weren’t going to stop when the iPhone didn’t work the first time. We wanted someone on our staff to diagnose the problem and fix it, and that is exactly what happened.

Now, this customer has his phone back in great working order. The next time he wants to repair his iPhone, it’s likely he’ll pass on the shady repair place he tried the first time. He’ll turn to us because we have the techs that have the skills and knowledge to perform quality repairs on Apple products, smartphones, and more.

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