iPhone Battery Replacement

iphone battery replacement

It can be extremely frustrating when your iPhone isn’t holding its charge like it used to. Unfortunately, lithium-ion batteries eventually start to lose their charging ability after a certain period of time, leading you to two options: carrying around a portable charger all the time or replacing the battery in your Apple device.

Are you curious about when and where you should replace your iPhone Battery? iResQ can answer that question and provide battery replacement for a variety of iPhone types.

“I have now used iResQ three times and had outstanding service all three times. They worked very hard to get my wife her work phone done as quickly as possibly and yet ensure that everything was correct. They always answer the phone and emails when I wanted a status update on my phones.” 

—Jonathan, Google Reviews

When to replace your iPhone battery

If you keep your Apple phone long enough, chances are you will need battery replacement at some point in time. This is because lithium-ion batteries become less effective as they chemically age, limiting its maximum capacity.

There are a few ways to figure out when it’s time for a battery exchange. The easiest way to tell is if your phone gives you a notification that your battery health is poor. If you go to “Settings” > “Battery” > “Battery Health” you can see what your battery’s maximum capacity is, which is a measure of the capacity relative to when it was new. If it’s less than 100%, you may need a new battery.

If everything looks good in Settings, but you’re still experiencing issues, you may consider purchasing a new charger first. If that doesn’t fix the issue, send it in for a free diagnostic test so our experts can figure out what’s causing the problem.

Our services

All Apple battery replacement services include: 

Free diagnosis: Sometimes, it’s not your battery that’s causing the issues. Your personal repair technician will diagnose your device to decide what service you really need, that way you’re not paying extra for work that doesn’t need to be done. 

90-day warranties: All Apple iPhone battery replacements are backed by a 90-day warranty policy. This means if you experience any issues within three months of our work, we’ll rework your claim. Learn more about our warranty policy here.

Overnight turnaround times: In some cases, we can offer overnight replacements for those times you just can’t be without your phone. Contact us to learn more.

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