iPhone 7 “No Service” Issues: A Fix is Underway

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Has your iPhone 7 been plaguing you with a “no service” sign? If so you’re not alone.

If you’re among the allegedly small percentage of iPhone 7 users experiencing the “no service” problem associated with this model, Apple has announced a fix for the problem in recent weeks. The issue came to light very late in 2017, and discovered it was a failed component on the logic board that was responsible for the issue.

This “small percentage” of iPhone 7 users found that even when it was apparent that a strong cell signal was available, they received a “no service” warning on their status bar. A recent report says Apple provided three model numbers as the ones affected. They begin with iPhone 7 models manufactured in September of 2016 through those manufactured more recently, and include models A1660, A1679, and A1780.

Apple has announced the launch of a “repair program” to take care of this problem, but their way isn’t the only way to get the issue resolved. Apple will fix the problem at no cost to you when you send it to one of their repair centers, provided you are still within the two year from date of purchase timeline. If you’d prefer to throw some business to your local small smartphone repair service, however, there is a way to both do that and to get Apple to foot the bill, too.

Visit your local repair shop or send your phone to the small business that typically performs your iPhone repairs. Be sure to keep your receipt for the repair and be certain it’s the failed component on the logic board they are replacing. Apple won’t consent to reimbursing you for anything else—at least not where this glitch is concerned.

An email should be sent to owners of iPhone 7 models shortly, but if you haven’t already received it, it might behoove you to give Apple a call. They will forward the information you’ll need to get reimbursed for the repair your local iPhone repair service completed.

If the “no service” issue is present on your iPhone 7, but doesn’t bother you, it is still important to have it repaired. If your phone is still in good working condition when you decide to splurge on an upgrade, this will increase the resale value of your old iPhone, meaning a few more bucks to defray the cost of the new one for you.

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