iPhone 7 Home Button Fix

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iphone 7 repairThe iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus debuted with a much different Home button. It’s not a “button” but a haptic feedback. In other words, it’s on the screen rather than on the actual device.

With it not being a button anymore, there’s no button to break. So, if you drop your precious iPhone on the ground, you don’t have to worry about the Home button breaking. The screen is another issue.

The problem with the iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus Home button is more of a technical one. Some users have already started having problems with it being responsive. In other words, they press on the Home button, and nothing happens. Even when basically finger punching the Home button, it just won’t do anything.

Yes, frustrating to say the least.

While you have to get the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Home button repaired when this happens, there is a temporary fix that will help you get by with the malfunctioning feature a little longer.

Apple has made it possible to place a Home button on your screen. This isn’t something you use all of the time because it can get in the way of other functions.

So, how does this Home feature get placed on your iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus screen? By magic…

Yes, Apple was sneaky in this one. Whenever there is a problem with your Home button in which it does not function, the magical Home feature will appear on the screen. Wa-La.

The phone vibrates when the function is turned on, so you’ll know to check your screen for “Home.”

There is something behind this new, mysterious, magical Home feature. Apple will likely have the Home function on the screen in future releases, just like Google Pixel has already done.

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