iPhone 6 to be bigger, brighter and lighter

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Apple insiders told the South China Morning Post that the iPhone 6 will be larger in size than previous versions and have a scratch-resistant display which could help prevent against needing an iPhone screen repair. The iPhone 5S, currently Apple's biggest phone screen, measures in at 4 inches. The iPhone 6 will outstrip that by offering two models, with a 4.7 and a 5.5 inch screen size, SCMP reported.

The screen will reportedly be made with sapphire crystal glass, an inherently scratch-resistant material that is on the list of hardest materials. The industry insider who spoke to SCMP said that the larger screen sizes point toward Apple's shift into the “phablet” market. Where the iPad merged computers and phones, the phablet serves as the middle ground between phones and iPads.

“People want bigger screens now,” the insider said.

What is a bezel-free display?
Part of Apple's innovations with the iPhone 6 may include abandoning the bezel that its smartphones are currently held in, TechRadar reported. Among other things, the bezel adds size to the phones and prevents the screen from offering a full edge-to-edge display. Another reported change that could be underway is the elimination of the home button. Like the bezel, the home button takes up space that could be filled by added screen size. As many experts are pointing out, adding screen size whilst retaining and even enhancing the sleekness of the device is almost undoubtedly a priority for Apple.

But as CNET's Don Reisinger pointed out, the real innovations of the iPhone 6 remain to be seen, since Apple has chosen to officially remain silent on the subject. Audiences will just have to wait to find out if the insider scoop is realized in the new device. According to SCMP, the design on the new iPhone won't be finalized until April.

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